Coffee Viena – Vienna Roast

Coffee ‘Viena’ is coffee fruit Sun-dried of Red Cherries only with exquisite balance of notes between Almonds, Chocolate.
Its profile is Vienna Roast only. And for keeping its quality and characteristics we grade it also after roasted according to riddle #15 and up.


‘Café Viena’ descritption and characteristics.
Roast: ‘Vienna‘. 
Process: Un-washed, coffee fruit Sun-dried. A distinguished flavour like prunes and dry fruits.
Type and Varietal: 100% Arabiga: ‘Red Catuai’, and ‘Caturra’. 
Single origin: Arenal, Matagalpa, Nicaragua.
Single batch:  from one farm lot only.
The Aftertaste: Almonds, Chocolate, and Raisins.
High Balance: high sweetness, high acidity.

EsquinaDeLosCafes presents Café Viena:

Vienna Roasting Profile is distinguished to be as bright and oily as an ‘Italian Profile’, but as light as a ‘Full City’ Colour.

Café Viena. Vienna Roasting Profile. 100% Arábiga. 'Viena Coffee' Taste: Almonds, Chocolate, and raisins.
Café Viena. Vienna Roasting Profile. 100% Arábiga.
‘Viena Coffee’ Taste: Almonds, Chocolate, and raisins.

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Fresh brewed coffee.  Natural Destilation by gravity. Vienna Roast. Natural Process. Dried in fruit. Double grade
Fresh brewed coffee. Natural Destilation by gravity. Vienna Roast. Natural Process. Dried in fruit. Double grade

About the Coffee Process for Coffee ‘Viena’

The Selection:
Selectively Picked – only the ripe cherries
are harvested and they are picked individually by hand. Pickers rotate among the trees every 8 – 10 days, choosing only the cherries which are at the peak of ripeness. Because this kind of harvest is labor intensive, and thus more costly, it is used primarily to harvest the finer arabica beans.

The Coffee is not a bean, GreenBean is the name to denote:
#1. coffee seed moisture is 10% to 12%
#2. and graded by its physical qualities
In general, Green Bean is a non-roasted Coffee Seed ready for the roasting process.
For that the humidity must be low enough to not get boiled or burned inside the roasting machine. Usually is around 10% and less than 12%.

The Process: 
The process involved is to dry the Coffee Seeds  as it comes from the tree so the ripped fruit (the red cherries) are being transport to the sun patios to start the drying process.
The usual beans used are extra mature. The drying time is approximately 5 weeks because we need to dehydrate the pulp first and then the bean (the seed or seeds inside the fruit).

The Grading, The Classification: By Density, Size of the Riddle, Varietal of Arabiga, Altitude.

Coffee Density is the major element related to the Coffee Quality. The density classification starts at the selection after depulping. In the case of Natural Process (the un-washed process) is not possible because the fruit all of them floats in water. The density classification starts in the Dry Millin densimetric machines after to get established the clasification by size in accordance to the Riddle size. 

The Riddle Size:
the range is a riddle between (13/64) inch to (20/24) inch

Altitude of the cultivars and influence of the climate latitude: Each standard is established by country according to their latitude and farming conditions. Example: Costa Rica standard says SHB is above 1200 meters of elevation, to get same condition for a SHB (strictly hard beans) you require 1000 meters of elevation in Nicaragua and that is the climate latitude affection.

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