Financial Assitance to Our Coffee Project due to Civil War in Nicaragua

EsquinaDeLosCafes is an active technical research project on coffee processes.

Our objective: Added value and the quality. Specialty Coffees and non-conventional Coffee Process.

EsquinaDeLosCafes as a coffee shop is the only store specializing in non-conventional coffees: semi-washed and non-washed, which makes us world pioneers in specialty coffee by cup profile.


EsquinaDeLosCafes has invested a lot of time and money to create a center for research and profiling for export.

Several negotiations are already documented with our partners in Germany, and we have already converted exporters into buyers of regional coffee from Matagalpa via direct commission and with it the direct negotiation of the coffee producing parties vs. Nicaraguan coffee exporter.

EsquinaDeLosCafes goes through a situation of liquidity insolvency due to protests and street blockades, and communication problems between citizens vs. the Government of Nicaragua.

We thank the people who have advocated a peaceful resolution in this Civil War in Nicaragua. We apologize to any person affected economically by the current situation and we are pending to summarize communication and business as soon as possible.

We request FINANCIAL assistance from friends, clients, and other people who want to help
keep this regional coffee project alive in Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

EsquinaDeLosCafes es un proyecto activo de investigación técnica sobre procesos del café.

Nuestro objetivo siempre ha sido el aporte de un valor agregado y la normativa de calidad de cafés de especialidad bajo el criterio de ser un Coffee Center, un centro de información sobre el café en cada una de sus etapas.

EsquinaDeLosCafes como tienda de café es la única tienda especializada en cafés no-convencionales:
semi-lavado y sin-lavar, lo cual nos convierte en pioneros mundiales en cafés de especialidad por perfil de taza.
EsquinaDeLosCafes ha invertido mucho tiempo y dinero propio en crear un centro de investigación y creación de perfiles para la exportación. Ya varias negociaciones están documentadas con nuestros asociados en Alemania, y ya hemos convertido a exportadores en compradores de cafés regionales de Matagalpa vía la comisión directa y con ello la negociación directa de las partes productor de café vs. exportador de café de Nicaragua.

EsquinaDeLosCafes pide disculpas a toda persona afectada económicamente por la presente situación y quedamos pendiente a resumir comunicación y negocios lo más pronto posible.

EsquinaDeLosCafes solicita la ayuda FINANCIERA a las personas amigas, clientes, y demás personas que quieran ayudara mantener vivo este proyecto regional de café en Matagalpa, Nicaragua.

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4 thoughts on “Financial Assitance to Our Coffee Project due to Civil War in Nicaragua”

  1. hello –

    My girlfriend (Candice Hein) bought a bag of your spiced hot chocolate when she was in Matagalpa building a pedestrian bridge. I had some lasts night and its delicious! I was wondering if you ever ship this to the United States. I run a small business in Denver Colorado and would love to add this to my product list of items to sell. Please let me know if your interested in selling more of this and maybe we can work something out.

    Please email me when you have time at

    Thanks for your time – Narendra

    1. Take a look of this new post for the chocolate,

      EsquinaDeLosCafes manufactures DARK CHOCOLATE

      Cocoa Botany types as there are three main types:
      1. FORASTERO, (yellow)
      2. Criollo (red)
      3. Trinity (pale white-green)

      Nicaragua tiene el mejor CACAO de calidad del mundo, y el utilizado por nosotros en la EsquinaDeLosCafes Chocolate 92% es de Semillas de Cacao

      Trinitario y Cacao Criollo, ambos nicaragüenses.

      Datos Nutricionales de la Cocoa
      Los granos de cacao son muy nutritivos ; consisten principalmente en grasa ( 50 %) y carbohidratos ( 25 %). Además , el cacao contiene

      proteínas, teobromina , niacina, minerales ( como el calcio , hierro, potasio , magnesio , sodio y fósforo ) y vitaminas A, B1, B2 y B6.

  2. Hello Alejandro. We stopped by in your coffee shop about 2 weeks ago. I was not succesfull contacting you through facebook. Hope you get my message here. You said that you can make half packages of coffee for me. I want them like a presents. Is it still possible? In that case I need 24 small packages of coffee and if it is possible 4 half packages of cocoa (pure cocoa with no spices). I will come Monday 21st December. Its after one week from tomorrow. If its ok please confirm me on my email address. Thanks! Petra

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